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Developing Maturity Post 7: No Negative People

This series on Developing Maturity focuses on finding ways to develop and grow. Maturity is not just a way to set yourself apart in your career; being mature enhances virtually every aspect of your life. This series is inspired by eqi.org

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No Negative People: Although we don’t live in an ideal world, you should minimize contact with people who don’t respect you. As you are able to identify and label your emotions, and consider the reasons behind the actions taken by others, you will identify those who do not have your best interests in mind.

As you become more mature, you will naturally seek out the company of people who are also more mature and, therefore, less negative. You will notice your thoughts and reactions differ from the people with whom you previously surrounded yourself. Don’t let it cause you to become aloof; this change is a large part of what gets you poised for future leadership.

We all have bosses, relatives, and other people we cannot easily avoid. Change the things you can change and accept the things you cannot change. Practice your Emotional Maturity by your strategic handling of how you change your exposure to certain people in your life.

  • Professional situations: This can make it difficult to express your feelings as this weakens your position.
    • If you are upset with your boss, your involvement with your work can often be used as an excuse to avoid them. If the relationship is cordial enough, you may be able to state that you would have preferred they handled something differently. This is why considering the other person’s choices and their motivation behind action is critical for Emotional Maturity.
    • If the person who upsets you is at or below your level, you can let them know that you do not appreciate their actions. If done improperly, this could easily backfire. Tread lightly.
    • As a more mature person, you will find it easier to be patient with other people. However, your more enlightened view will be a stark contrast to others your age. You will notice the difference between their reactions and what you would do in their situation. As you become more of an adult, they will, by contrast, appear more childish. It will try your patience, like the way you’ve seen a parent dealing with a toddler. It can become tiring, but dealing with less mature people will be a constant trying—and tiring—factor in your life.

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