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Developing Maturity Post 1: Labels

This series on Developing Maturity focuses on finding ways to develop and grow. Maturity is not just a way to set yourself apart in your career; being mature enhances virtually every aspect of your life. This series is inspired by eqi.org

It’s important to first understand some of the key terms used in this series. Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Maturity are two terms often used interchangeably which can cause confusion.

Emotional Intelligence (sometimes abbreviated as EI or EQ): Emotional Intelligence is the understanding of human emotions—your own and those to whom you relate. The first step to Emotional Intelligence is to understand your own emotions. Once you understand your own emotions, you can better understand the emotions of other people.

Emotional Maturity (EM): A high level of Emotional Maturity is attained once a person has developed Emotional Intelligence as well as the minimal level of Emotional Maturity to decide to use it. Since Emotional Intelligence is the understanding of emotions, Emotional Maturity is the application of that knowledge.

Label emotions vs. People: Develop your Emotional Intelligence by first identifying your feelings and then labeling them. Communicate your feelings without hurting or insulting others.

Since you’re labeling your emotions—feelings—begin your three-word statement by saying “I feel” and finish by stating the emotion you’re feeling. If you can do this, you have developed Emotional Intelligence and applying this knowledge then develops your Emotional Maturity.

  • Example: You’re the passenger, and the driver, a family member, is the driver. They’re driving carelessly. Instead of stating: “You’re driving like a maniac!” or “You’re being a real jerk.” it is better to respond by stating “I feel nervous.”
  • This also has the effect of leaving the situation open for dialog and change. The driver is less likely to respond favorably if insulted, but is more likely to listen to a more mature statement.

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