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This easy system of documenting accomplishments can help you with current challenges to get more free time and future challenges which can help you earn more money in the future.

Developing grit–the easy way. When you have the cheat codes to success, reaching a long-term goal can be as fun as a video game.

Exploring what “grit” is, why it matters, and how you can use it to achieve your goals…

It’s important to have someone in your life who can keep you “on track”. Learning how to ask for help is important. This skill will help you later in life.

A simple key to making MORE MONEY in the future: Communication skills

Why the SAT was redesigned for 2016 and how the newly redesigned SAT will affect you

Don’t miss out on the easiest way to get the most FREE money for tuition and the lowest interest student loans.

Some skills you may not realize you developed (or should develop) in a food-service job.

Including a common worst-case scenario for recent graduates and how to avoid their fate

The right activities can help you make the most of your valuable time during high school.