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Developing Maturity Post 6: Ask How Other People are Feeling

This series on Developing Maturity focuses on finding ways to develop and grow. Maturity is not just a way to set yourself apart in your career; being mature enhances virtually every aspect of your life. This series is inspired by eqi.org

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Ask How Other People are Feeling: Showing such a genuine interest in another person will validate their worth, but it’s also important to know if you’re identifying other people’s emotions accurately. Although someone might not wish to reveal their true feelings, showing a genuine interest in another person may convince them to be open with you. Showing this Emotional Maturity also brings out the Emotional Maturity in others.

  • When you become better at sensing someone’s emotions through verbal and non-verbal cues, it will help you anticipate how your actions influence others.
    • This helps you become a proactive, rather than reactive person. Being proactive is directly linked to maturity; using this in a positive manner will help you with career advancement in a variety of ways. It’s part of “thinking outside the box.”
    • “How would you feel if I do (or don’t) …”By asking someone how they would feel about your action (or inaction), you can also develop your ability to anticipate the needs and actions of others.
    • Since we choose our emotions, what we do to other people influences the choices they make with how they will feel. It’s true that they have ultimate responsibility for how they will choose to feel—but NEVER FORGET you are equally responsible for how you treat others. (People respond according to how they interpret from previous experiences.)
      • Think of their reaction as stimulus/response. Without your stimulus, there would be no cause for a response.

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