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What does floundering mean?

According to this article in Psychology Today, floundering is the number one cause of unhappiness in college students.

High school and College students want to succeed; when they don’t know some of the key factors that could make them successful, it causes them to “flounder” as they struggle to make sense of their future. In a nutshell, what they need to know is:

  • What they can do well—and what they like to do
  • What positions are available?
  • Will the positions will be in demand?
  • How to get the position:
    • Networking
    • How to present themselves
    • How to demonstrate their worth to an employer
    • The interpersonal skills that help one get and keep a position

Not knowing these things can cause a student a great deal of stress. Without guidance, the student will take extra time to complete the degree, often changing degrees several times since they don’t know what they’re good at. This leads to floundering. It means to struggle and thrash clumsily and helplessly, with great confusion; without direction or focus. (This is often confused with foundering, which means to collapse and utterly fail.)

Can you imagine knowing those key factors as early as High School? It would save the student time, money, and stress. It would also give their life direction and purpose. It would also make home life more harmonious as the student would be motivated and wouldn’t need to be “nagged.”

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