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You Know What to Do, You Just Need to Know How.

You’ve probably heard a lot of advice like this:

  • Get good grades.
  • Go to a good college.
  • Get a good job.

Parents experience a great deal of stress—worrying about your future. They want you to succeed, but no kid comes with an owner’s manual;  it’s difficult for them to tell you HOW to do more than the above listed “guidance.”

So little is known about you at this time—you’re still developing and you’re still figuring out who you are at this point. It’s a big reason you’re being told what to do instead of how to do it. There are many unknown factors in your life right now.

  • What are you good at doing?
  • What would you like to do?
  • What do you want to do in the future?
  • What positions are available to you? (This means what you could be qualified to do with proper preparation and education. Preparation and education can help you qualify for most positions; some qualifications—e.g. pilots can’t be colorblind—cannot be overcome.)
    • What positions will be available in the future? Will your career/field be in-demand?
    • How you will get the position? (This goes beyond education—it involves networking. Do you know how to present yourself and make a good impression for an employer?)
    • What interpersonal skills do you need in order to keep the position? (Are you ready for the real-world and work?) That’s a lot to know. The thought of knowing what you’re going to do with your life can be scary; worrying about the preparation required, and the fear of the unknown can make it hard to face this fear.

The Career Prep Academy’s system addresses these questions and gives you the tools and guidance to figure it out before college—because if you don’t know the answers to these questions before then, you’re bound to waste a lot of time and money. With our help, you can figure out what you need to know so your future can start paying off, and you won’t be “left behind.”

Career Prep Academy is ready to show you HOW! Call Career Prep Academy at 317-641-4677 to schedule a consultation.  Remote sessions are also available by webinar.