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Review of Scholarship Search Engines

Many scholarship sites exist; the main differentiating factor is the way information is sorted and presented to the applicant. Depending on your needs, some sites will be more useful than others.


At this time, the page does not open when using Google Chrome; use Firefox. CollegeBoard is well known for good information and high security. The site is run by a non-profit service. CollegeBoard is the most highly recommended scholarship search service.

Federal Student Aid

No sign-up necessary! Just type in a keyword and you will receive a list of scholarships in that topic including minimum, maximum, and average award amounts. Selecting the award reveals additional details and requirements.


Merit-based scholarships from colleges across the country are listed on this site. Don’t give up on scholarships if your family is above most needs-based standards.


The site offers an unusual way to find and win scholarships. In addition to a standard scholarship search, applicants can vote for a blog writer to win a scholarship. Great writers are encouraged to enter.

Scholarship Experts

The site’s sign-up process is longer than most other services, but the process narrows down scholarship options to ensure the best match.


The site is recommended for local searches and has a good reputation for privacy and security.


The site is run by Monster, and for anyone who has applied for a position on Monster, you’re accustomed to being contacted by Multi-Level-Marketers (MLMs) and scam positions. The site’s sign in process takes more contact information than non-profit services and stalls the application process with many ads. Once signed up, the scholarship matching is straightforward and easy to use.

Scholarship Monkey

The site is hosted by a creepy animation of a large talking monkey head. Other sources which have reviewed the site report that the service does sell your contact information to advertisers.

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