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Looking for the Perfect Extracurricular Program?

A few (or just one) of the right activities can be far better than too many of the wrong (or rather the least effective) activities.

In an effort to appeal to college admissions representatives, students often make the mistake of overwhelming their schedules with underwhelming activities.

Cal Newport’s book: “How to be a High School Superstar” provides excellent advice for students to avoid the common practice of cluttering one’s schedule with unremarkable activities.

You probably know a student with excellent grades who is in the Chess club, the French club, plays the violin, is on the Track team, and is in a few other extracurriculars. That same student may have a harder time getting accepted into the college of their choice as compared to a student with slightly lower grades who is in only one or two activities. That second student might not even be in a school’s extracurricular program; they might have created their own activity.

“How to be a High School Superstar” presents an excellent guide to making the most of the fewest activities and finding the activities that provide the most “WOW” (no…not a reference to World of Warcraft) factor for the time involved. These techniques can help students improve their chances of acceptance to the college of their choice while clearing up more free time in their schedules for socializing.

Although Cal Newport’s book is excellent, his advice to take a lighter course load for Senior year could backfire for students. A senior course load that is comparatively lighter than previous semesters is a common reason for denial in college admissions. Likewise, if a student takes a course load that does not reflect the academic challenges available at one’s school, a student could miss out on acceptance to the college of their choice.

Students who enroll at Career Prep Academy can establish career goals, boost communication skills, and increase college and career readiness. Just this one extracurricular activity can help a student get acceptance into the college of their choice and earn a degree without spending more time and money than necessary in college. For further guidance on getting the most out of your high school experience, contact Career Prep Academy at 317-641-4677 to schedule a consultation.