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High School Sports: Read the Fine Print

In this recent article on MSN, a parent read the “fine print” for her child to join the track team. Schools don’t have the deep pockets to endure lawsuits; particularly the cost of personal injury lawsuits. Since a student is at the beginning of his or her life, much can be lost.

The fine print includes the phrase “and generally to enjoy life” as one of the things a team member signs away. Although this news story made headlines from being included in a Seattle High School’s contract, it’s a common phrase in similar contracts across the country.

In many sports, such as cheerleading, gymnastics, and football, the student’s life is in the hands of their peers. A careless student’s attention may waver, leading to injury. Aerial stunts have made cheerleading a dangerous sport; catastrophic injuries including paralysis are common. Concussions and other injuries can occur when coaches are more concerned with victory—and their own vanity—than the well-being of their players.

Since the schools and coaches are often immune to lawsuits, it’s best to make sure your insurance policy covers high school sports injuries.

High school is an important time for your child’s development. There are many things to consider that can impact the future. Career Prep Academy has a program that can help your student develop the important skills employers want—and can help your child build the foundation for a bright future. Call Career Prep Academy at 317-641-4677 to schedule a consultation.